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Miss Nelson is Missing

Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard, James Marshall

I remember in 2nd grade when my teacher Mrs. Faith who is very sweet and was loved by our class! This book reminds me of my teacher Mrs. Faith, because in the book Mrs. Nelson the teacher is just like her! Mrs. Nelson is a sweet teacher and her students are out of control. To solve this problem, Mrs. Neslon dresses up as a scary substitute. Mrs. Nelson calls herself Mrs. Viola Swamp the substitute. The class has no idea that under all of that scary make up, is their sweet teacher. Mrs. Viola whips the class into shape and the students realizes that they are very grateful for their teacher Mrs. Nelson. And when the teacher comes back the next day her class is well behaved! This book can help teach the students how to be respectful to the teacher in the classroom! This book is geared towards kindergarten through every grade!!!